Monday, July 8, 2019

Round 4 asbk at Morgan Park Raceway

Lachlan Epis #22 of Team BC Performance Kawasaki
The weather was cold, wet & windy but that didn't stop these top notch riders from giving it their all and transforming this modest little (& bumpy) track into a national televised motorsport event packed with people from over the world. This was Round 4 of the asbk Superbike Championship and being held in our own neck of the woods, we were there working with the BC Performance Kawasaki Factory Team. Stewart was on tools and Lori was track side behind the camera. 
Our little local track before the crowds arrived.
The Bike Whisperer working on Lachlan Epis' #22 Kawasaki Superbike
Many of you may remember that for the first three rounds of this series we were working with Sloan Frost, multiple NZ Champion. He couldn't make it out to Australia for this round and the opportunity arose to help out Lachlan Epis #22 and be part of the BC team with Bryan Staring #67, Callum O'Brien #10 and New Zealander Tom Newton on the #134 bike. It was certainly fantastic to work with these guys.

Team debrief in the Scrutineering Cage 
Probably the only track in the world with a 'Kangaroo Flag' for when those cheekie buggers decide to use the track for their shenanigans! If you look closely, you can see 3 of the hoppers near the tyre wall as Troy Herfoss #1 enters Turn 6.
Media and Crew gathering on the straight
There were some spills...Tom Newton #134 'wearing in' his new leathers. He bounced back up and was right back out there racing again in no time.
Our awesome Data Technician, Val Barker was flown if from Genoa, Italy (but originally from California YAY) and our Bike Whisperer Stewart Gunter looking very candid. You guys rock!
Every team should be well fuelled and this race was no exception with Lori aka 'The Muffin Lady' making sure of that. Normally bringing muffins to the track, qualifying day required something a little extra special so the team was treated to Lori's 'Kwaka KupKakes' and 'Diabetes Dunlop Specials' lol ...they also work as an effective currency for getting into the gates when one doesn't have a vehicle pass! 
Lachie getting ready for the final race of the day
Time to get Lachie's bike ready for the final race of the day.
The BC team heading to the grid while the riders start their warm-up lap.
Not long now before the start of the final race of the day, the asbk Round 4 at Morgan Park Raceway
Generators off, waiting for the signal for the tyre warmers to come off.
Hurry up & wait as the media circus does their thing before the start.
Bryan Staring on his BC Performance Kawasaki.
Lachie coming home with a bunch of points for the series.
Bryan Staring #67 pelting that Kwaka around the track.
Mike Jones #46 (Mad Mike) on his DesmoSport Ducati gets some incredible lean angle.
Last lap!
You can't get closer to the action than this!
Lachlan Epis gains some valuable points for the series, putting him in 15th overall. Woohoo! Go Lachie!!
Mad Mike takes his first win of the season in race 1, gets the crowd roaring in Race 2 as he battled from last place to 3rd...then takes 2nd overall for Round 4. He now leads the championship by 1 point with 3 rounds to go.
Bryan Staring #67 takes 4th in round 4, adding to his points for the series and putting him in 3rd position overall with 176 points! Go Bryan!!!

The next round is at Winton Motor Raceway, VIC 6-8 September so stay tuned!

Check out this link for the televised coverage of the race:

All images by Lori at Images Everything

Round 4 asbk at Morgan Park Raceway

Lachlan Epis #22 of Team BC Performance Kawasaki The weather was cold, wet & windy but that didn't stop these top notch ri...