Monday, March 18, 2019

Wakefield Park asbk test March 13 2019

Sloan Frost puts in consistent laps at Wakefield Park asbk test
As many might not have known, there was a private test day at Wakefield Park NSW in preparation for the upcoming asbk Round 2.

It was a quiet and informal affair but a great way to get out and just burn up laps. There were no 'sessions' as such, just a constant stream of riders coming on and off the track at will, lending itself for a day of good practice, testing and fine tuning.

Sloan Frost was consistently quick and confident and it showed in his riding style. I personally hadn't had a chance to see him ride like that since previous track sessions didn't give us a clear view of  his technique. However, Wakefield Park, and the relaxed nature of this private session, meant we got a front row seat just metres from turn 10 and front & centre of the a pretty good but distant view of turns 6 through 9.

The weather was cool and steady throughout the day, starting off with a cold and slippery track with some debris and only warming slightly for a consistent riding temp throughout the day. No major changes were made to the bike, only minor adjustments to the chassis and some tweaking here and there.

Sloan road fast and clean, setting up for a successful race for this upcoming asbk Round 2!

Plenty of debris on a cold track made for some slippery riding but we got plenty of consistently quick laps in.

Best view of this corner was only metres away

No hustle & bustle today, just a quiet & productive day

Best view in the house

A good day to fine-tune

Heading out for more laps

Bit of sport!
 Stay tuned as we bring you the highlights from next week's asbk Round 2 at Wakefield Park!

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