Friday, March 29, 2019

Round 2 asbk at Wakefield Park

Back at Wakefield Park again for Round 2 of the asbk Championship and it certainly was anything but ordinary! Big crashes, bikes flying over walls...and that was just in the practice sessions!

More on that later...We arrived at Wakefield on Thursday March 21 and set up our pit, squeezed in all nice and cozy with the NextGen BMW Team. As we were gearing up for the weekend's sessions, we noticed that there were some very unusual suspension combinations being used by the other big name teams. It looked like some quite heavy springs were being used and the geometry of bike chassis were set very high in a few cases...most likely due to the asbk spec Pirelli tyres.

The line-up to get our bikes checked over by the scrutineers.

At Scrutineering

A day of set up

Getting ready for action

Speaking of tyres and bike set-ups, we now have a second bike coming on stream. This will give us the opportunity to test different setups during practice sessions…it also gives us a bit of leeway with the weather should the rain setup be needed at the last minute.

The new Pirelli homoligated tyres are very different in the way they are manufactured now and that has caused a few headaches with the set up. Where we were able to trust a certain attitude in the old tyres, they’re behaving quite different to what we’d expect now, leaving us to try and find a new setup protocol.

Sloan was on fire during the practice sessions but the uncertainty of the new tyres led to a few changes which cost us a few positions in qualifying. Coming from midfield in race 1 he managed to pick up 5 positions and was catching the group ahead for a 12th at a very solid race pace. Race 2 saw him repeat his advancement but the race was red flagged due to Lochie Epis high-siding as he exited turn 2…the same turn Aiden Wagner came unstuck in the first practice session.

Ted Collins managed to go unscathed after a massive crash in the 2nd practice session on Friday saw his NextGen BMW go flying like a rocket over the wall at turn 10…arriving in a cloud of dust and unceremoniously planting itself in the middle of pit lane. While bemused and concerned race marshals and onlookers alike were taken by surprise, Ted was seen scrambling over the concrete wall to safety. The NextGen boys had their work cut out for them that night trying to get Ted’s bike ride-able for the next day’s sessions.

Ted's bike launching over the barrier at turn 10 in Practice Session 2

Aiden Wagner's bust up in Practice Session 1

Aiden's bike post crash. Taking a soil sample, perhaps?

We are certainly glad to see these tops riders walk away from their crashes with only minor injuries. Although this is a dangerous sport and we are all competing against one another, we don't like seeing our comrades get hurt.

The bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup bikes take up an entire shed! So cool to see these kids get out there and race.

Our trips are never without shenanigans and there were plenty on this trip too. As some may know, there is a landmark in Goulburn NSW known as The Big Merino. It's a larger than life sized (15.2 metres tall) concrete sheep at the corner of Hume and Sowerby Streets. We HAD to get a photo of Sloan with it...seeing as he's a kiwi and they're known for their affinity with sheep and all.

Anyway...long story short, this image of Sloan Frost posing suspiciously with said sheep and it's massive testicles goes viral as we end up comedic fodder for the renowned Facebook group, DEAR ASBK...thanks Boris! lol

Security cameras at Goulburn have caught former NZ Superbike champion and ASBK's finest mid-fielder, Sloan M Frost from Sloan Frost Motorsport, performing a bizarre Kiwi ritual on the concrete scrotum of a giant Merino statue the day before the second round of the ASBK series.

"Give me your choice power-juice, O Great God Sheep!" he was heard to be yelling, as pensioners scattered in fright and police sirens could be heard in the background.

It is not clear at this stage just how much "choice power-juice" Mr Frost managed to siphon from the testicles of the statue, but it's possible the Goulburn LAC has Tasered a lot of it out of him and returned it to the big scrotum.

Senior Constable Stree Kibacon said: "Yeah, that kinda stuff just can't be happening in a place where old people come to eat their custard pies and put petrol in their Hyundais. It's just not on."

Sloan and his new partner in crime!

Stay with us for our next blog as we turn our new Suzuki GSXR 1000 into a second race bike for Sloan Frost.

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